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Used to engage generator charging with a certain delay after starting and in certain cases disengage generator charging. You have come to the right place if you need new or replacement parts for your. Infiniti Genuine Relay Radiator Fan Relay 25230-9F915 QX70/FX QX60/JX QX60 HYBRI Manufacturer Warranty: 24000 miles or 2 years.

8 rad/fan/overfill wouldnt work with a 4. Year of production:,. The fan resistor is inside a copper color tube, attached to the fan shroud, below the connectors. NOTICE Switch off the ignition before changing a bulb, Rad fan 2006.9 to avoid possible short-circuiting. That&39;s 2006.9 what some 240sx people do, since putting e-fans on the radiator requires removing the stock a/c fan as well.

Let the car run for several minutes until the radiator fan kicks on a few times and keep checking the coolant reservoir level to ensure no more is needed. The Radiator fan and pulley has come away from the shaft on our Jeep Liberty 2. SAAB > > 9-3 > 2. Dispose of the used coolant by dropping it off at a recycler. I found it would work pretty good if I could turn it upside down and have the hoses at the bottom. Once the engine temperature drops below the threshold programmed into the powertrain control module, the cooling fan turns off. Its been working pretty good, but Ive noticed that the water temp drops quite a bit when the side panel is off, mybe indicating that the way its currently set up, the radiator fans Rad fan 2006.9 might suck some warm air from the inside of the case over the rad.

The fan resistor is inside a copper color tube, attached to the fan shroud, below the connectors. 5 inch and be good -- that will give about 1" between the fan and the radiator. My fan is a metal Hayden flex fan. ), the radiator fan, or a failed thermostat. If the resistor has gone bad, it is likely that the fan will work only on the highest speed. Spectra Premium Radiator Fan Assemblies are engineered, developed and validated to meet Original Equipment (OE) requirements, to ensure a durable and Rad fan 2006.9 quality product. It really seems not to be overheating: the fan runs, the temperature gauge on the dash stays right at the normal operating temperature (a little below the middle between L and H), and the radiator never gets above 170F (according to an infrared thermometer from Harbor Freight “Not for medical use”).

Radiator fan logic is in ECM that also activates the radiator fan relays. 0L;Saab 9-3 Viggen 4 Cyl 2. Fuse panel in instrument panel Saab 9-5 – fuse box – instrument panel. The resistor is a cheaply made wire-wound, ceramic-insulated type, about 0. I checked mine with jumper to ground from sensor and finally heard the fan for the first time. Can&39;t say for sure but i think the rad and fan switch is the same on the 899 as it is on the 1108 and if so the thermostat doesn&39;t bring the fan on until 92&39;c and off at 88&39;c so on the temp gauge this seems to be about 90&39;c on dial tho some have reported it to be just above and some just below but this will be down to inaccuracies in the gauge itself. It is a 1999 with 132,000 miles. Generator (2) ECM controls whether the generator should charge or not.

Can a radiator be mounted upside down-or doesnt it matter? Its a simple circuit, but can thr. View and Download Saabowner&39;s manual online.

AL92 Proven Member. Advance Auto carries over 1,212 aftermarket parts for your Saab 9-3, along with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. Sedan & hatchback, 6 cylinder, lower. regina, SK, Canada. The fuse was so I replace the fuse and the ac fan started - Answered by a verified Saab Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Mybegan smoking A LOT from engine compartment and.

Radiator fan can run in four different modes. The fan motor relay performs the action of a switch, sending 12-volt power to the cooling fan and initiating its operation. The resistor enables the heater blower motor to change the speed of the fan. I&39;m using a short water pump, and my engine is WAY forward. 8 rad/fan/overfill because well, it would be using the stock 3. Sounds like I can replace the 1" with a.

3 4: Hcodec FOR Venza Highlander Camry Avalon Engine Cooling Fan Control Module Unit. The rad fan is staying on even after the car is cut off. Ive been running it like this for a few months now, the fans suck cool air in from the outside of the case. Radiator Flush T. More Rad Fan.

3L;Saab 9-3 SE 4 Cyl 2. I&39;ve got a questions about normal radiator cooling fan operation. I warmed the car up to normal temperature, turned on the ACC to max, let the car idle and then checked to see if the fans were running. In today’s video i will show how to test the cooling fans circuit in the saab 93. this wiring code is for your main radiator fan. automobile pdf manual download. Sixteen-year old Dianne (known as Dee Dee to her family), 14-year-old Peggy, 12-year-old Kathy and 9-year-old Janet made their debut on the "Lawrence Welk Show" on Christmas Eve 1955. You take four, 120 mm fans and use plastic ties to strap them down so they pull air through, not blow air through the radiator.

Now, if the fan will just clear my belts after I move it back! 8L V6 Turbocharged > Cooling System. I only have one 9-5 to look at, so I&39;m not sure what is typical for the 9-5 and what is unique. Now feel accomplished for swapping out your old thermostat! Does anyone know how to remove the radiator fan on a Polo. Last visit was: Sun 10:04 am: It is currently Sun 10:04 am. Page 233 If a fault is detected in the system, the following message will be dis- played on the SID: Headlight levelling malfunction. While there are a variety of reasons your Saab 9-3 is overheating, the most common 3 are a coolant leak (water pump, radiator, hose etc.

QiiluRadiator Cooling Fan Control Module Unit for Toyota RAV4 Sienna Lexus 9. The radiator fan can start up even when the engine is switched ab 9-3 Base 4 Cyl 2. Heres a picture of how. I have the Swiftech Apex and finding the hardest part is trying to mount the raditor on the back of the case. Update/ after removing radiator shroud and the 3 Radiator bolts to frame, I now see clearly the set up with just one wire on sensor hanging dead center under Rad. As for the overfill hose, you wouldnt need one for the 3.

Fan fit on front. The radiator fan can cut in even when the engine is switched off. You have a 1997 which is T5 engine management (begun in 1995), so there is no thermoswitch because the fan is controlled directly by the ECU from the signal given by the coolant temperature sensor. Hi guys and welcome back to the channel. Honda Cooling Fan Troubleshooting Civic. The other "radiator" is probably your A/C condenser. Sun 9:47 pm.

Removing Radiator Fan - Polo 9N. Turn off the car, clean up your tools, put them away and wash up. Saab– ) – fuse box diagram.

I would suspect that one of the fan relays has bought the farm. Without this part you will not be able to change the speed of the airflow from the blower motor. The resistor is not sold as a separate part by Saab, but it can be easily replaced by a generic 50-75 watt resistor of a similar value. J293 – Radiator fan control unit N18 – Exhaust gas recirculation valve N80 – Activated charcoal filter solenoid valve 1 N156 – Variable intake manifold changeover valve N205 – Inlet camshaft control valve 1 N316 – Intake manifold flap valve Rad fan 2006.9 V157 – Intake manifold flap motor: F25: 40: J519 – Onboard supply control unit (up to May. It is also possible that the heater motor blower may not work at all. Radiator Fan Relay. Radiator Leak Sealant. Post by KJN » Tue 9:31 am.

The Lennon Sisters grew up on television. (passenger side fan). My 6 saab 9-3 convertible high fan is not working. It stays on about 10 mins after car is off. You take the positive lead from all the fans and commonly connect them to a ceramic, 5 watt resistor you can find at Radio Shack to make the fans turn nice and slow and noiseless.

Radiator Insulator. We’ve got amazing prices onTransmission & Drivetrain and Air, Fuel, Emission & Exhaust parts. Radiator Lower Insulator, Right. Radiator fan control. Pull the radiator with the fans attached-drill out the bolt, tap hole and screw in a bigger bolt in place of.

In this video I show how I troubleshoot a modern Honda cooling fan system with A/C Condenser and Radiator fans. M35/45 5/ - 9/ for RELAY. Thank you both for your prompt replies and suggestions.

What he could do is wire one of his e-fans to activate via the temp controller, then wire the other to replace the a/c fan so it turns on when the a/c turns on. 0L, Engine Cooling Fan by Spectra Premium®. Joined: Fri 9:21 am. Sedan & hatchback, 4 cylinder, lower. in half and bend to attach to rad.

Classified ads, photos, shows, links, forums, and technical information for the Volkswagen automobile. Herewith the picture of an aluminium radiator with two fans from Peugeot 205. My radiator fans rarely run as far as I can tell. So unless the hoses are completely different in size, I dont see why a 3.

Rad fan 2006.9

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